Roof Racks

Are you considering a roof rack for your van?

These are amongst the most popular items to add to a van. They dramatically change the look of your vehicle and add vital, usable, securable storage and cargo space. Roof racks are also amongst the most expensive add on items, up to $4,500 - $6,000. Big one piece roof racks are cumbersome and expensive to ship (freight truck) and install and must be configured before installation. Let's remember what a big rack will do to your fuel economy as well.

Cascadia Vans roof racks are the lightest, most aerodynamic racks available for your van. When compared to other racks, CV racks increase your cargo capacity. CV racks ship via UPS so it comes right to your door without the "up to ten weeks" to build.

A few things to consider:

  • Maximum weight capacity of your van roof. (Mercedes Sprinter Van has 500lb maximum roof weight capacity).
  • Most roof racks weigh 250lbs to 350lbs. and that's before you add lights, solar panels or any other cargo.
  • Most roof racks require a hoist or 12 of your friends to help get it up on your roof without scratching your paint.
  • CV roof racks can be assembled/installed by one person without any heavy lifting.
  • CV LowPro roof rack weighs just under 60lbs for a MB Sprinter 144" wb.